OZ "Wall of light" is a material for interior architecture and furnishing use , it consists of a wool felt and a synthetic resin material. The felt is a natural material with great sound absorption performances, fire resistance and interesting suppleness, The translucent resin that is included in the felt permits the light to pass through and creates a new sensorial surface aspect.

The felt is available in various colours, the resin is also available in various colours and /or opaque aspect.

Oz Wall of light is developed in collaboration with Atelier des Choses et d'Autres- La Rochelle -France
Depending on your project and requirements, we study and propose possibilities to create a tailoring material with colors and patterns adjustments.

For further informations about the material and its possibilities, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.




Alexandra Devaux copyright 2008
: Alexandra Devaux copyright 2008